How thick is the concrete and what strength is it?
Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. specifies 5 inches for driveways and 4 inches for patios, walkways and pool decks. The concrete strength is 32 MPa (4600 psi) for walkways, patios and pool decks and 35MPa (5,000 psi) for driveways.

Will it crack?
All concrete has the potential to crack. Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. incorporates and more often than not, goes above and beyond accepted industry standards, which dictate methods and guidelines to greatly minimize or control cracking.

Can chips or cracks be repaired?
Yes they can. Employees of Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. are fully trained in all aspects of concrete repair.

Is it slippery?
Over the years, stamped concrete has developed a bad reputation of being slippery in the winter, but it doesn't have to be. Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. readily employs a non-slip additive in its sealer to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, slipperiness. We mix this addictive into every coat of sealer we apply, not just the top quote. This way you have slip resistance even as the sealer wears.

Will the colour(s) fade?
Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. uses colour hardeners that are applied to the surface of the concrete. The surface strength of the concrete is greatly increased and it also insures that the integrity of the colour will last a lifetime.

What maintenance is required?
Periodically, everything needs maintenance, especially items exposed to our harsh climate. Sealer reapplication is included in our 2 year warranty, should it be determined by Elite to be required only. We recommend that you seal your stamped concrete every 3 to 5 years. That's all. Just call us when you require sealer, or better yet, relax and have Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. wash and seal it for you for a minimal cost.

What about applying salt?
Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. prefers the use of salt be at a minimum as an ice melter on any concrete surface. However, there are various calcium-based de-icers readily available at big box stores and grocery stores that are somewhat safer to use. The use of salt will NOT void Elite's warranty, unlike all our competitors. Also, we recommend that plastic snow shovels be used, rather than those made of steel, as steel shovels may scratch the sealer.

What value-added services does Elite Designed Concrete™ Inc. bring to its clients?
In addition to high quality materials and certified workmanship, we bring:
• Professionalism and communicative
• Custom design consultation
• Tidy work areas
• Timely procurement of work 
• Award winning reviews at Homestars.com and multiple Awards of Excellence from Landscape Ontario
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