Has Spring Actually Arrived?!

After one of the coldest winters on record it's great to finally enjoy some wonderful warm weather. Early every morning, all around the city you can see contractor trucks and trailers heading to their project destinations. Prospective clients are calling for quotes and existing clients are calling for project updates. It's a busy time of year to say the least but boy are we happy it has finally arrived again! 
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Best of Toronto 2014 Winner - 7th Year in a Row!!!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Elite Designed Concrete Inc. has once again made it to the's Best of  list for the Toronto area for its stamped concrete, Limestone Finish™ and regular concrete projects! In fact Elite is one of only 3 contractors out of hundreds that have won for 7 years straight. We couldn't have done it without the trust of our amazing clients, our superb staff and suppliers and the unrelenting support of our families. Thank you for hosting this wonderful ceremony at The Country Club in Woodbridge this year. 
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Heated Driveways

There's nothing like the luxury and convenience of a heated driveway. As the population ages, more and more homeowners are opting for this extremely effective and permanent solution to keeping their stamped concrete driveways and paths free of snow and ice. Just imagine never having to shovel, throw rock salt or chase down your snow plow contractor ever again!
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2014 Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence

Hosted again by City TV's Frankie "Flowers: Ferragine, this year's Awards of Excellence Ceremony was another great success! Elite Designed Concrete Inc., for the third year in a row won three Awards in separate categories. We want to thank Landscape Ontario and its sponsors for putting on this amazing event, to our clients who chose our stamped concrete, Limestone Finish™ and natural stone work to build and contribute to their landscape projects, our staff for helping build our clients' visions and our families for their continued support.  
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So Long Friend...

Elite Designed Concrete has sadly lost a good friend and staff member this month. Artem "Arty" Sukhar passed away suddenly and much too young. He was a trusted part of the Elite team for 6 years and a hard working and loyal staff member. Arty was proud of his company, his work and his coworkers and friends here at Elite. We will miss him dearly. Our deepest sympathies are extended to his wonderful family.
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Best Concrete Contractor 2013 - 6th Year in a Row!

Homestars held their annual Best Of Awards event at the Royal York hotel this year and the ambiance was truly enchanting. For the sixth year in a row, Elite Designed Concrete was awarded Best Concrete Contractor of the Year for the Toronto area. Of the over 200 contractors that won Best Contractor in their respective categories this year, we were one of only four contractors that have won every single year since the inception of this wonderful event. Congratulations to all the winners this year and we salute your pursuit of service excellence. Thanks to Homestars for organizing this wonderful event. We would also like to thank our outstanding staff and of course our awesome clients, Elite Designed Concrete Inc. would be nothing without you! 
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My Concrete Has a Crack...Why?

It's cold... I mean it really is. Is it me or is everyone fed up with the winter this year? I'm even hearing complaints from die hard skiers and snow boarders. The CBC noted that it's headed towards being the coldest winter in 25 years. Consistent negative temperatures for long periods of time causes moisture in the ground to freeze. The colder it is, the quicker and deeper the ground freezes. This is known as frost. It was all over the news in January, ice quakes - where the ground freezes and expands so quickly it actually cracks and makes booming sounds.
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Awards of Excellence 2013 - Three More!

Landscape Ontario held their annual awards night on January 18 and once again it was hosted by City TV's Frankie "Flowers" Ferragine. Considering the bitterly cold weather, the hall was packed and was standing room only.We are happy to announce that we won three more Awards of Excellence this year! Two of the Awards were for two of our projects and one Award specifically recognized our Limestone Finish(TM) as a special feature. Though not traditional stamped concrete, Limestone Finish(TM) by definition still resembles natural stone, limestone. This year we were lucky to have a number of our staff join us in celebrating this success. We were once again very proud to be among the very best contractors and award winners and we congratulate them also.
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Rain, Rain... Go Away!

What a start to the new season! Was it ever going to stop raining? One thing that a stamped concrete installation (or any exterior concrete installation for that matter) does not like is precipitation, and this has been the year for that.
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Best Concrete Contractor for the Fifth Year!

For the fifth year, Elite Designed Concrete Inc. was again awarded Best Concrete Contractor for the Greater Toronto Area. Reviews were written for Elite's service and installation of decorative and stamped concrete projects as well as landscape and design projects.This year's ceremonies were held at theToronto Cricket Club and was hosted by cofounder Nancy Peterson.
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40th Anniversary of Awards of Excellence

Being members of Landscape Ontario for over ten years, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we won three Awards of Excellence at the 40th Annual Ceremony in January! This year’s event was hosted by Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers”, who is arguably Canada’s most popular and trusted gardening authority and weatherman.
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How Long Does A Stamped Concrete Project Take To Build?

One of the most common questions we receive during a consultation is how long it takes to build a stamped concrete project. Though the duration can vary depending on the size of the project and the details involved in it like garden walls, steps and multiple levels, the average sized stamped concrete project takes about 3 weeks to complete.
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Time for a Backyard Patio?

Time for a Backyard Patio?

Summer is almost upon us. With the warmer and drier than normal weather we’ve had this spring, we have been getting flooded with calls from prospective clients thinking about having a stamped concrete patio built in their backyards this year. And why not? It’s a great and cost effective way to extend your living space to outside of your kitchen.

A typical question we often get asked is what size should a patio be? The answer depends on a number of factors and I’ll explore some of them here:
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